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  • 9 Mile Trolley Realty - The Loft Stop is a full service Atlanta property management company, which offers our clients two basic levels of services. The first level is LEASING ONLY, where we work as your leasing professional to secure the best tenants for your property, on the best terms possible, leaving the day-to-day management to you. The next level is FULL MANAGEMENT, where we supply the leasing services and also provide you with complete day-to-day management.

    Leasing Service Only

    If you prefer to handle the day-to-day management of your property yourself but do not have the time or availability to market and show vacancies on a moment's notice, nor the expertise in choosing a new tenant, this is the right program for you. 9 MIle Trolley Realty will provide the following services:

    • Careful and thorough tenant screening and qualification
    • Promoting of available properties, utilizing a broad range of advertising media
    • Professional, licensed agents to show your rental property
    • Collection of appropriate deposits
    • Use of strong, comprehensive lease agreements and addenda

    Full Management Service

    Our Company's Golden Rule: "We strive to manage the property of others, as we would have others manage ours." You can rest assured that 9 Mile Trolley Realty knows that property worth owning is worth being properly managed. Our company has been in the property management business since 2007. We have both the experience and qualified personnel to provide the highest quality property management services to our clients. Our company never sleeps; we are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! In addition to the services listed for the LEASING ONLY SERVICE, we also provide the services listed below to our FULL MANAGEMENT clients:

    • Computer generated monthly owner reports
    • 24 hour emergency maintenance service
    • Enforcement of lease, rules, and regulations
    • Monitoring of legislative changes affecting landlords
    • Owner and tenant surveys
    • Coordinating complete turnkey services----repairs, painting, cleaning, etc.
    • Collection of rent and other charges
    • End of year summary reports and 1099's to assist with tax preparation

    Your residential properties are special to you and we are specialists in residential properties. If you do not have the time to manage your property, if your property is a house, condominium, townhome, or duplex; if it is residential...we can help you.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What needs to be done to my property before it is ready to rent?

    The better the condition the property is in, the better quality tenant it will attract.  Your property must be offered in a professionally cleaned condition, as the tenants will be a paying a non-refundable cleaning fee. Your property manager prefers to arrange this cleaning to insure that the cleaning guidelines are strictly followed. The carpets must be freshly cleaned and all debris and personal belongings removed from the house. There should be no items stored on the property, except paint that may match your walls.

    It is not necessary to paint automatically, but it is necessary to paint any room that has dirty or marred walls, ceilings, or trim. A neutral color for paint, wall coverings, and carpet is best. We recommend that you leave all appliances including washer and dryer. We also recommend re-keying the locks prior to new tenants taking position.

    If you are a loft or condo owner, please make sure that you have a leasing permit in place with your association. 

    We also ask you to provide 4 keys of each lock. 

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  • Hi, i just wanted to take the time to say Thank-You. Property Management has been a big load off my back and they have been really great, proactive and on top of things. Thank you!

    Michael P. Russell

  • Hi, just wanted to let you know that your team is doing a great job - very much appreciated! Thats it. Best regards,

    Sharon J. Springfield